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Our Mission

Our mission is to fulfill the need for QUALITY PATIENT CARE by providing PROMPT and EFFICIENT STAFFING SERVICE. This philosophy has gained California Medical Caregiver Services an excellent reputation in medical nursing services and has made us the fastest-growing professional healthcare provider in the area.

Our Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is to fulfill the need for quality patient care by providing the best and most qualified medical professionals.

Quality is assured by our adoption of a thorough screening process, which is strictly consistent and compliant with the guidelines set by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Hospitals. This guarantees that our administrative and medical personnel undergo rigid in-service training and regularly attend continuing education.

Implicit in our goals is the commitment to provide prompt and efficient staffing services through awareness of each client’s specific needs and those of its nursing staff. Our staff’s dedication to this philosophy has gained California Medical Caregiver Services supreme excellence in health care service and made us one of the fastest growing professional health care providers.

Who We Are

California Medical Caregiver Services ;was incorporated in California in September 1999 and began providing staffing to private homes, medical facilities, and skilled nursing homes in the greater Los Angeles area, Orange County, Long Beach, and San Diego County. Several businesses and healthcare professionals founded the agency. CAL-MED is one of Southern California’s most trusted names in home care by providing patients of all ages at various stages of need with quality care at affordable rates.

Our organization comprises well-trained, experienced, competent administrative, staffing, training, and marketing personnel.

Medical and business professionals with varied and extensive experience in management, quality assurance, human resources, personnel recruitment, and skilled nursing constitute our staff.

We have served seniors and patients in hospitals, homes, residential board and care facilities, and convalescent homes.

Talk to us through our hotline if you have any questions regarding our services.

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