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Giving you reasons why CAL-MED is the one for you.

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top reasons why people choose cal-med
to care for their loved ones:

  1. We are always quick to respond to calls for help.
  2. We are easy to work with in that we try to work with the ”individual needs” of a particular family instead of trying to fit the family into our system.
  3. We are flexible in terms of shift hours and commitments.
  4. We follow through with input from our clients regarding their needs for their aging family member.
  5. CAL-MED is a family oriented business, therefore, you can be assured that families are important to us.
  6. As a family member, you will have direct communication with the owner of the company if you wish to do so.
  7. Your family members will always have someone with them.
  8. We have the staff that it takes to provide special care.

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